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Zion Lutheran Church, History

‘Zion on the Hill’

1514  Rev. Martin Luther:  1483 - 1546

1517  95 Theses start Christian Reformation by Martin Luther.

1803  Louisiana Purchase [$15m to France] doubles U.S. domain. {Missouri} December 20th

1811  Rev. Martin Stephan:  1777 - 1846

1817  Prussian Union:  Lutheran and Reformed Christians united under State edict.

1821  Missouri was accepted as the 24th State of the Union:  August 10th

1838  Saxon/Lutheran Emigration to Perry County, Missouri.  {Fall of the year}

1839  Log Cabin Seminary - later to be known at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

1839  Hillsborough was established as the Town/County Seat: June 11th

1840  Rev. Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther:  1811 - 1887

1841  Altenburg Debates (April 15th + 20th) the tone for Church and Ministry was set in the LCMS.

1846  ‘Practical’ Seminary founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana - Concordia Theological Seminary

1847  W1st Baptism:  Heinrich Wuebbel on January 6th

1847  Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and other States was formed on April 26th

       Rev. J. Michel Johannes  Fall 1848 - Spring 1852  to: Immanuel, Cole Camp, Mo.
            [St. John’s Church of Sulphur Springs, Mo. (also known as Beck and now as Arnold) gave pulpit supply]

1849  W1st Marriage:  Johann Friedrich Dittmer/Sophie Hesse on January 20th

1850  US President Millard Fillmore - 13th

1851  W 1st Communion:  Judica Sunday {5th in Lent / March 29th}

Zion Lutheran Church on the Sandy (Creek)

   1.  Rev. Esaias A. Haeckel  May 9, 1852 - July 24, 1855  to: Death in Ministry {small pox}      3.16 years
            {German Language exclusively spoken}

1852  W 1st Death/Funeral:  Margareth Elisabeth Hesse on July 30th

1853  US President Franklin Pierce - 14th

1853  Zion Lutheran Church was officially organized in the Fall:  October 23rd
          W Charter Members:   Casper H. Kerckhoff (1st Elder)   Wilhelm Gieszelmann
                      Martin H. Temming (1st Treasurer)   Wilhem Luetkemeier
                      Christian Hesse (1st Trustee type)   Johann G. Scheidt
                      Johann Wuebbel   Hienrich Gerken
                      Christian Held   Friedrich Fabri
                  [Divine Services were usually held in the Gieszelmann home until the parsonage was built]

         W 1st Pastor Installed after the Chartering Service: Rev. Esaias A. Haeckel

         1st Parsonage: Built in the Fall of 1853
                  {Church land was purchased on February 15, 1855 from C. Huber for $ 1.00 / see transcribed Deed for details}

   2.  Rev. Ernst O. Wolff  October 28, 1855 - April 3, 1864  to: St. Johns, Beck, Mo. {Arnold}      8.42 years

1856  W 1st Confirmation Class:  March 30th:  Johann Georg Goller / Wilhelm Heinrich Koenemann / Gertruod Plack

1856  Supreme Courts "Dred Scott" decision: slaves are not citizens.

1856  ‘Sprechstunde’ was instituted on December 1st. {something like ‘free-for-alls’ today}

1857  US President James Buchanan - 15th

1859  1st Church Structure:  Dedication - July 4th {wooden frame type selected by voting through $$$ gifts}

1861  US President Abraham Lincoln - 16th {1st President shot in Office}

1861  Civil War:  April 12th through May 26, 1865.

   3.  Rev. Hermann F.A. Lossner  June 12, 1864 - August 1865  to: Crete, Ill.      1.16 years
            {German and English Languages were both spoken}

1864  Edison invents the Telegraph.

1865  US President Andrew Johnson - 17th

Zion Lutheran Church of Jarvis, Mo.

   4.  Rev. Karl Richard Riedel  August 20, 1865 - Aug. 19, 1877  to: unknown Church      12.00 years

1869  Concordia Publishing House founded in St. Louis, Missouri.

1869  US President Ulysses S. Grant - 18th

1870  Predestination Controversy hurt Zion.  {Gnaden Wahl was resolved with Prof. C.F.W. Walther’s help (1869-1874)}

1870  Ceased serving St. Paul’s at Head’s Creek (Antonia, Imperial, - now Otto, Mo.) {1865-1870}

1876  Bell invents the Telephone.

1877  US President Rutherford B. Hayes - 19th

   5.  Rev. Heinrich Maack  November 1877 - April 1879  to: Orchard Farm, Mo.      1.42 years

1878  *No mention of a 25th Anniversary Celebration*

   6.  Rev. Friedrich Edward Lehmann  Aug. 10, 1879 - Jan. 16, 1887  to: a Church in Central Ill.    7.42 years

1880  Served Immanuel, Pevely, Mo. {Zion, Pevely / Immanuel, Barnhart} during a long vacancy.

1881  US President James A. Garfield - 20th {2nd President shot in Office}

1881  US President Chester A. Arthur - 21st

1881  Mission work was started in Festus, Mo. in August.

1882  The first ‘Lutheran Witness’ was published.

1883  Concordia Seminary gifted their old bell to us.  {Lehmann’s oldest son received $1.00/month as official ringer}

1885  US President Grover Cleveland - 22nd

1886  Statue of Liberty Dedicated / Ellis Island. {"Give me those yearning to be free"}

   7.  Rev. Hermann H. Norden  August 1887 - December 1900  to: Point Rest, Mo.      13.33 years

1889  US President Benjamin Harrison - 23rd

1889  Daimler invents the gasoline-powered automobile.

1892  The Great Immigration: 1892 - 1924 / 12 million people came from Europe.

1893  US President Grover Cleveland - 24th

1893  Walther League organized.

1897  US President William McKinley - 25th

1898  Steeple was added to Original Church structure.

1898  The Spanish/American War.

1901  US President Theodore Roosevelt - 26th

1901  A new parsonage structure was built to replace the old one during the vacancy.

Zion Lutheran Church of Hillsboro, Mo

   8.  Rev. H.H. Wallner  November 28, 1901 - April 1921  to: West Ely, Mo.      19.42 years

1902  An Organ was installed into the Church.

1903  1st School House Constructed: ready for the Fall School year.

1903  Wright brothers begin aviation.

1903  October 20th / 50th Anniversary Celebration of Zion / School Dedication {3 Services held}

1908  Ford Model T Sold as affordable Vehicle.

1909  US President William Howard Taft - 27th

1909  July 4th / 50th Anniversary of the Church Building {3 Services were held / the old wooden structure}

1912  Titanic sinks in the Atlantic.

1912  Original Church was struck by lightening and burned on June 16th.
            {A 300-seat block building was proposed as a replacement}

1912  Worship Services were held in the School Hall.

1913  US President Woodrow Wilson - 28th

1913  W 1st Son of Zion Ordained out of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo: Rev. Oscar Pooker.

1913  Cornerstone laid on March 30th.  {contents include a Catechism, Handbook, Constitution, Hymnal, Roster}

1913  Current Church Facility Dedicated: October 26th

1913  Federal Income Tax introduced. {16th Amendment}

1914  World War I: June 28th through November 11, 1918.

1915  Zion’s Youth group was formed.  {Spring of the year}

1915  The Radio is perfected.

1917  Lutheran Laymen’s League organized. {Zion’s Charter is #10 on April 25, 1930}

   9.  Rev. William L. Hofius  January 1922 - November 1928  to: Resigned - health      6.83 years

1923  Rev. Walter Keisker Ordained from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.

1923  US President Calvin Coolidge - 30th

1925  Zion Lutheran Ladies Aid was organized: January 19th

1925  A second room was added to the School building.

1927  Ford Model ‘A’ sold as a replacement for earlier model.

1927  Farnsworth invented the Television.

1927  Lindbergh makes solo fight from New York to Paris.

1928  October 6th / 75th Anniversary Celebration of Zion - 25th Anniversary of School

 10.  Rev. Oscar Heimsoth  December 1928 - ???, 1936  to: Resigned - health      8.50 years
            {English Language was now exclusively spoken}

1929  US President Herbert Hoover - 31st

1929  The Great Depression: October Stock Market crash / ends in 1939.

1930  Lutheran Hour Radio Broadcast by Walter A. Maier.

1933  US President Franklin D. Roosevelt - 32nd

1933  ‘Dust Bowl’ days in the Great Plains.

1935  A Pipe Organ was installed in the Sanctuary.

 11.  Rev. Martin Gehrt  ???, 1936/37 - September 1941  to: Salem, Black Jack, Mo.      5.16 years

1937  Electricity was brought to the Parsonage, School, and Church.

1937  Portals of Prayer debuts.

1939  World War II: September 1st through August 14, 1945.  {18 Zion men served/survived WWII}

        Rev. Oscar Heimsoth  ???, 1941/42 - June 1950  to: Mt. Hulda, Cole Camp, Mo.      9.50 years

1941  Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor: US declares war on Germany, Japan, and Italy.

1942  The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League was organized.

1945  US President Harry S. Truman - 33rd

1945  IBM Computers first sold to businesses.

1947  The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod: new name is established.

1950  Korean War: June 25th through July 27, 1953.

 12.  Rev. Norman L. Bultman  May 13, 1951 - April 20, 1958  to: Immanuel, Shabonier, Ill.      6.92 years

1953  US President Dwight D. Eisenhower - 34th

1953  October 4th / 100th Anniversary Celebration of Zion {3 Divine Services were held}

1954  The bell was no longer rung on Saturday evenings to remind people of Sunday Worship: October 3rd.

1955  Saturday evening Services were held once a month when no other evening services were offered.

1956  The Pipe Organ was dismantled and an electric one was installed: January 15th.

1956  Zion Lutheran School ultimately closes in the Spring.

1956  Annual Chicken Dinner replaces closing school picnic: May 20th.

1957  Russia launches Sputnik I, 1st satellite in orbit around the earth.

 13.  Rev. Owen H. Friedrichsmeyer  February 14, 1960 - July 22, 1960  to: Death in Ministry {Heart Attack}      .42 years

1960  Original Parsonage and 6.16 Acres of land sold to Robert and Irene Douglas, December 14th.

1960  W 1st Vacation Bible School was planned in July.

 14.  Rev. George F. Lobien  ???, 1961 - June 3, 1964  to: Madison, Wisc.      3.00 years

1961  US President John F. Kennedy - 35th {Shot in Office}

1961  Current Parsonage was completed.

1961  Vietnam War: December through March of 1973.

1963  US President Lyndon B. Johnson - 36th

1964  Holy Communion celebrated every weekend: May 3rd.

 15.  Rev. Reinhardt H. Zimmermann  January 1965 - Nov, 21, 1971  to: St. Peters, Hampton, Neb.      6.83 years

1969  US President Richard M. Nixon - 37th {1st President ever to Resign from Office}

1969  Neil A. Armstrong walks on the moon: July 20th.

1969  Sanctuary redecorations dedicated: November 2nd.

 16.  Rev. Milton F. Drumm  March 5, 1972 - May 21, 1978  to: Resigned - personal/theological      6.16 years

1972  W 1st Seminary Field Education Student: September 10th. {Robert Schroeder}

1973  Doctrinal Controversy over ‘what’ Holy Scripture is hurts Zion. {1969-1978}

1973  Roe V. Wade: January 22nd 7-2 Supreme Court Decision allowing Abortion through first 6 months.

1974  US President Gerald R. Ford - 38th {1st VP chosen by the 25th Amendment / 1st President by resignation}

1977  US President James Earl ‘Jimmy’ Carter, Jr. - 39th

1978  October 15th / 125th Anniversary Celebration of Zion

 17.  Rev. Martin E. Kiesel  Sept. 23, 1979 - April 2, 1990  to: St. John, Waterbury, Ct.      10.50 years

1981  US President Ronald Reagan - 40th

1982  New International Center for the LCMS is built.

1984  New Synodical Logo unveiled.

1986  Three US Lutheran Church groups unite to form ELCA.

1989  US President George Bush - 41st

 18.  Rev. James W. Rhiver  December 2, 1990 - May 10, 1992  to: Resigned - CRM status      1.46 years

1992  Monday Evening Worship started: January 6th

1992  New driveway entrance opened off of Zion LCR: November

 19.  Rev. C. Fred Grundmann Jr.  Nov. 22, 1992 - Dec. 28, 1998  to: Trinity, Great Falls, Mt.      6.08 years

1993  US President William J. Clinton - 42nd

1993  Great Midwest Flood. {Missouri}

1993  New Educational Wing Dedicated: October 24th

1995  Saturday Evening Worship started: January 8th

1997  150th Anniversary of the LCMS.

1998  A Second Sunday Morning Worship was started: June 7th

1999  Church Elevator Dedication: August 29th

 20.  Rev. Robert L. Mundahl  Feb. 6, 2000- Sept. 30, 2006  to: Peace, Faribault, Mn.     6.67 years

2000  Pavilion is constructed: November 5th Memorial Dedicated.

2000  Jefferson County Lutheran School Association formed: December 16th.

2001  US President George W. Bush - 43rd

2001  150th observance of Holy Communion through Zion’s Ministry: March 25th.

2001  Terrorists hijack and crash commercial airplanes in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania: September 11th.

2002  150th observance of LWML, LLL, Walther, LYF auxillries at Zion: April 28th.

2002  Worship in Educational Wing while sanctuary was being remodeled: July 28th through September 15th. Remodeled sanctuary ready for first worship service September 21st, dedicated November 27th (Thanksgiving Eve).

2002  150th observance of Baptism through Zion's Ministry: October 27th.

2002  Retaining Wall completed for Recreation/Playground use: November 11th.

2002  Vicar Steven Stolarczyk, 1st Vicar Commissioned at Zion: December 8th.

2002  150th observance of Christmas at Zion: December 22nd.

2003  150th observance of Marriage through Zion's Ministry: January 19th.

2003  150th observance of Confirmation: May 4th.

2003  150th observance of Professional Church Workers: July 13th.

2003  150th observance of Parochial Schools: August 24th.

2003  Christ the Vine Lutheran School opens with 11 children: August 20th.

2003  Children's Playground Dedicated: August 24th.

2003  Asphalt Parking Lot completed for 150th observances: October 16th.

2003  October 26th / 150th Anniversary Celebration of Zion

2004  Parsonage upgrade to Yard / Parking lot landscaped: May 1st.

2004  Parish Nurse Office Open House: December 5th.

2005  Flag Pole Installed: July 4th.

2005  Vicar Gary Schulte, 2nd Vicar Commissioned at Zion: July 10th.

2006  Seminarian Vicar Schulte Ordained and Installed - Tree of Life Ministries: July 23rd.

2006  Laborers for Christ, Christ the Vine facility construction, Cornerstone: September 17th.

 21.  Rev. Gary R. Schulte  Sept. 12, 2007 - current Pastor at Zion

Average years in Ministry at Zion by every Pastor: 6 years 10 months

Longest Pastoral Care years:
      Rev. H.H. Wallner     19 years     5 months
      Rev. Oscar Heimsoth     18 years     0 months
      Rev. H.H. Norden     13 years     4 months
      Rev. Carl R. Riedel     12 years     0 months
Shortest Pastoral Care years:
      Rev. O.H. Friedrichsmeyer     0 year     5 months
      Rev. Herman F.A. Lossner     1 year     2 months
      Rev. James W. Rhiver     1 year     5 months
      Rev. Henry Maack     1 year     5 months
Deaths in Ministry:
      Rev. Esaias A. Haeckel     July 24, 1855     Small Pox
      Rev. O.H. Friedrichsmeyer     July 22, 1960     Heart Attack
Resignations from Ministry:
      Rev. William L. Hofius     November 1928     Health
      Rev. Oscar Heimsoth     Summer of 1936     Health
      Rev. Milton Drumm     May 21, 1978     Health/Personal/Theological
      Rev. James W. Rhiver     May 10, 1992     Personal

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