What is the dress code? There is no dress code!  Jesus never said that it was necessary to dress a certain way to attend church and we certainly wouldn't attempt to make up new rules regarding it!  Feel free to wear what you like, but most folks in attendance can be seen rocking a business casual attire.

What about parking? When arriving at Zion's campus, you will see Pastor's home at the base of the hill.  Starting at his home and winding up into the main lot are parking spots that are clearly marked with white paint.  For those needing to access the elevator, look for the handicapped parking spaces near the eastern side of campus.

What about my kids? Jesus said “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”  We couldn't agree more with this statement!  To be frank, the sound of a crying baby or rambunctious toddler is the sound of the future of God's kingdom at Zion Lutheran Church.  Let them make noise!  Let your kids be themselves and bring them to learn about Jesus!  If you do not feel comfortable at any time during the Worship service, we have a nursery where you can watch the Livestream while still meeting the needs of your child.  During Pastor's sermon, all kids between the ages of 3 and 3rd grade are invited to attend Children's Church, where they will do a craft and lesson that matches what Pastor is preaching to the adults about in the Sanctuary.  After church, bring them to Sunday School from 9:30-10:30 am, and be sure to stay yourself for Adult Bible Class during this time!

Where can I sit? You can sit wherever you like in our Sanctuary.  In the back row of each side of the church, you will see a sign labeled "Reserved for Visitors".  This is not a place to make you feel out of place, but rather reassure you that there will always be a spot open for you and your family until you are comfortable moving about.  If at any time you feel anxious about where to sit, an Usher or Guest Assistant will quickly come to your aid and help you find a place that is comfortable for you.

What is a service like? According to the current definitions of modern and traditional, Zion fits into the traditional category.  When you walk in, you will see updated technology built into the Sanctuary to be extra aids to bring you the Word, but the service is a traditional Divine Liturgy, based on those found in the Lutheran Service Book.  Our service is unlike anything you will find outside of the LCMS faith - one that is completely backed up by the Word.  That's right - you can open up a hymnal and see each Biblical reference as to why we are saying what we are saying.  Our service is a conversation with God.  We confess our sins together, receive the forgiveness of sins, listen to Pastor teach us the Word, partake in the Lord's Supper, and end our time together reflecting on the Love that Jesus showed us on the cross!

Do I need to feel compelled to give on my visit? Giving is something that is sacred - something between you and God - only YOU know what your heart tells you to do and it is no one else's business! Should you wish to give an offering, make sure that you review Zion's differing ministries currently active in the community.  Anyone that gives should know where some of their monies are going!  

Are you wondering what a Sunday morning looks like at Zion? 

When you walk through the doors on Sunday morning, you are part of something special. You’re part of a church family that comes together each week to praise God, hear the uplifting message of Jesus Christ, and lift up our friends, family, and community in prayer.  Our relaxed traditional worship holds on to the power and the mystery that is found in the history of the church while also connecting with people where they are today.  

Through our worship life, our church family is connected to God and to one another to be prepared to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and serve where God is leading us to share His grace in our daily lives.  We come together every Sunday at 9:00 am to be built up as disciples of Jesus, listen to His Word and receive His grace and forgiveness at the Lord’s Supper.

During the special seasons right before Christmas and Easter, we also offer Wednesday evening devotional worship services to help us prepare for these powerful days in the life of the church. 

Please refer to the calendar to see when these and other unique opportunities to join in worship are offered.