Family Activities


Zion is family!  From worshiping, to our time in education and fellowship, we understand the importance of family.  How we do this - is through annual activities throughout the year both at Zion and in our community.  Why we do this - is to strengthen and pass on faith in Jesus Christ to this generation and those that follow.

Over a three year period beginning in 2011, Zion went through a comprehensive training on how it could better serve its families by becoming intentional Christian marriage and family-forming centers.  Through our membership in the Family Friendly Partners Network by Dr. Ben Freudenburg, Zion shifted its ministry to focus on 6 target areas:

Our various boards exist to equip both the families of Zion, and the community with family-friendly fellowship throughout the year.  

Annual family-friendly events at Zion include:

  • Zion Family Christmas Celebration
  • Zion Family Easter Celebration
  • Zion Church Picnic
  • July 4th Fireworks Spectacular

Be sure to visit the Zion calendar tab regularly to find out when our family-friendly events are scheduled to take place.  Interested in learning more about how Zion is a family?  E-mail: