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**New** July 2018

All previous policies concerning this topic will be voided.

Policy Board of Education -Parochial School Grant

Rational: Zion Lutheran has a long commitment of bringing children to the Word through a strong upbringing in with Christian Education. The Church has been involved since its early days of Christian Education with its members and helping families raise their children in the faith. Zion Lutheran-Hillsboro wants to comment parents for wanting to raise their children with in a Christian school environment; so be it further,

Resolved, that Zion Lutheran will treat the need for a Christian Education as a mission effort and through this mission - support, encourage participation and facilitate the need for Christian Education in our congregation and in our community; and be it further

Resolved, that Zion Lutheran-Hillsboro shall have a budgeted amount in it’s annual budget to assist families with tuition at any Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod School (K-12). The amount in the approved annual budget will be divided equally (per child) with any member that has requested assistance for their children by August 1st prior to the beginning of the school year. Payments will be made quarterly and directly to the LCMS school of their choosing. The parents will be informed by the church office by the 15th of the amount they will be receiving. 


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